SUNDAY, OCTOBER 19th, 2003

Too much news since my last update :

I’ve added a new section about my press articles (most of all in French), some old illustrations and videogame concept arts (even if I show them as “NEW”, most of all are “Oldies”), some recent Spawn poster, other book covers and some doodles and photographs…

The « Private view » of my exhibition at « Les Furieux » was really great. There was a lot of people and a lot of friends. It was a fantastic evening!! I’ve also done some signing dates in 6 different French towns for my Spawn comic-book and other Role Playing Games that I have illustrated. It was for the comics-shops called “Bazar du Bizarre” and a special Spawn poster in very limited edition was available for the occasion. You can still order this poster here :
and here is the picture and some photographs in the comics-shops:

Thanks to ROD and ALEPH for the photos !!
All my sincere thanks to all the teams in each shop and the people who came to see me there.
I really had a good time !!

I’ve done some different covers recently for RPG, books and poster: I really enjoyed working on the cover of a RPG book called POST-MORTEM. I've also worked on the graphism for this book, with the types and the cover design. It’s an ironic game with everything going on around the Death and its administration. And another cover for the RPG called COPS , a little different of the previous ones. As things goes, I’ll have soon published works in some other comic-books. Maybe some new stuff about a “Rockindus” band and some others celtic stories. I’ll certainly have fun on these projects ! And my Spawn comic-book will be soon published in the English US version. I’m impatiently waiting to work on the next one…More news on the board :;f=1;t=013511

Still Spawn universe : he last French issue of the magazine Wizard uses another of my first Spawn illustration, the dustjacket I’ve done for the announcement of my Spawn mini-serie.

Some of my illustrations appears in "Creating Emotion in Games", the forthcoming bestseller written by David Freeman about game design and writing techniques for video games. (the cover illustration is from the awesome Jason Manley !!) More details and artwork here :